December 2019

What a month this has been! We performed over 30 performances of Matilda and I have now officially passed all the tests needed for American citizenship. Next month my husband and I will be naturalized!!

November 2018

I learnt such a lot at the Audiobook Narrator Retreat last month and I can’t wait to implement my new skills into my work. This month also I started a 54 show run of Matilda, The Musical at Northern Stage, VT. I play Mrs. Phelps, Matilda’s much loved librarian.

October 2018

So excited to be going to The New England Narrator Retreat this month, plus my husband is currently building me a new studio booth. Exciting times!

September 2018

Recorded Mrs Dibble for the Online Stage’s community service project of Little Lord Fauntleroy – a small, but fun role.

July 2018

Tall Chimneys is on sale at Audible – yay! Allie wrote a great piece about her experiences of collaborating with me on the audiobook; take a look at her blog to read more. Working with Allie was a pleasure and I hope we get the opportunity to do so again in the future.

June 2018

This month I finished working on Tall Chimneys by Allie Cresswell, a gem of a book set in Yorkshire, spanning the long life of a Evelyn Talbot and the house she spends most of her life living in and depending on, Tall Chimneys. From 1910-2010 we see world events through Evelyn’s eyes while she is living in a sequestered spot in the Yorkshire countryside.

May 2018

Loved attending the Audio Publishers Association Conference (APAC) at the end of the month. Met loads of other wonderful narrators and some publishers, plus I got the chance to work with Paul Ruben – it was such fun. And to top it off the manhattenhenge sunset was pretty cool.

April 2018

It’s been a pretty full month: working on my current audiobook, Tall Chimneys, performing 1776, having audiobook coaching with the wonderful  Carol Monda, and preparing for the audiobook conference next month!

March 2018

Quite the month! Rehearsals are in full swing for 1776, The Dark Lady of the Sonnets will be available on Audible in a few weeks, and I have been prepping for my next audiobook, Tall Chimneys!

February 2018

I have the role of The Lady/Queen Elizabeth in the Online Stage’s production of The Dark Lady of the Sonnets by George Bernard Shaw. It’s a fun piece about Shakespeare inadvertently meeting Queen Elizabeth one evening. I am super excited to start recording this role.

January 2018

Started rehearsals for 1776 – yay! I play Thomas Mckean, the Scottish delegate from Delaware. I have great lines, plus I get to do one of my favourite accents – Scottish!

Fall 2017

Things have been a different this Fall. I am working at Northern Stage Theater almost full time, so have had to put my audiobook work on hold. However, I did manage to sneak in a quick bit of voice over work for a PBS preview for a program about Dorothy Thompson. It was really fascinating learning about Thompson, a journalist, who in 1939 was recognized by Time Magazine as the second most influential woman in America next to Eleanor Roosevelt! I had lost of fun researching and practicing her accent too! I’ll keep you posted about the documentary.

July 2017

The Smog by Timothy Allsop is now on sale!

June 2017

Been working on The Smog a lot of the month, having fun doing my cockney gangster voices!

May 2017

Completed some more wonderful YA fiction this month – The Last Girl Guide: Diary of An Apocalypse Survivor by Karen Wrighton. Set in England after the pox has wiped out all of mankind a young girl is left to fend for herself with only wild dogs for company!

Also working on a British 1950’s mystery, The Smog by Timothy Allsop. Should be out on Audible next month.

April 2017

Completed the Dawn of Rebellion series this month with Eve of Tomorrow. I started to cry while recording during the final scenes and had to pull myself together!! No one wants to hear a narrator cry! Great final installment of this YA series by Michelle Lynn.

March 2017

Viking’s Apprentice III: Journey to the Other Side is now on sale.

February 2017

It’s been a snowy month here in Vermont, but that hasn’t slowed me down! The second installment of The Sword Chronicles – The Sword Chronicles: Child of Sorrows,  is now available on Audible, plus I have been working hard on Viking’s Apprentice III, which should be available next month. And waiting in the wings is Eve of Tomorrow, the final novel in the Dawn of Rebellion series.

January 2017

January has started well with a staged reading of Piece Of by Tasha Gordon-Solmon at Northern Stage.  I played 12 roles ranging from a small boy to a Texan housewife.  It was an enlightening week of rehearsals for me as this was an opportunity for Tasha to workshop her play, which is still a work in progress. The collaboration between her, the actors and the director proved to be a very rewarding experience.

I will be starting work on Kevin McLeod’s third book in his middle grade adventure series, Viking’s Apprentice III: Journey to the Other Side. I am looking forward to getting back to Campbell’s Cove and seeing how the story unfolds!

December 2016

This month has been wonderfully crazy! The Sword Chronicles: Child of the Empire is now on sale and I finished working on Child of Sorrows just before Christmas Day, so look out for that in 2017!

In acting news, we performed our last show of A Christmas Carol  at Northern Stage on Christmas Eve  – what a great run!

November 2016

November is off to a good start!  Rehearsals for A Christmas Carol are going great and are so much fun.  I have got three awesome costumes plus three wigs, so I don’t have to worry about hair – this makes me very happy!!

I have also completed The Sword Chronicles: Child of the Empire, which should hopefully be available on Audible in a couple of weeks.  And I am now starting the second book in Michaelbrent’s series – Child of Sorrows.

October 2016

Wow! This has been a busy month.  Day of Reckoning is now available on Audible and Michelle featured me in her blog; if you want to read the interview, click here.

I have also been working on Michaelbrent Colling’s wonderful YA science fiction/fantasy series The Sword Chronicles, Book 1 of which will hopefully available for sale next month.  And to top it off I have started rehearsals for A Christmas Carol at Northern Stage,  which runs Sat, November 19th – Sat December 24th.  Mention my name when you call for tickets and you’ll get $10 off per ticket!

September 2016

After having the summer off to hang out with my family, I am pleased to back in the studio recording Michelle’s next installment of her Dawn of Rebellion series – Day of Reckoning.  In this latest YA novel we see the sisters, Dawn and Gabby continue their journey in a dystopian America, realising that sometimes even sisters can be on different sides.

June 2016

I have two new audiobooks out on Audible and iTunes this month:a young adult novel, Dawn of Rebellion written by Michelle Lynn and a desert island mystery, Murder in Paradise written by Greg Wilson. Dawn of Rebellion was my second book in two months that crossed the Atlantic from the UK to the USA – always a transition I can identify with! Murder in Paradise is a murder thriller – I love reading these so it was a pleasure to be able to get stuck into narrating one.

April 2016

King Arthur’s Sister in Washington’s Court by Kim Iverson Headlee has been released on Audible and iTunes.As a fan of all things King Arthur and a Brit who now lives in America, I loved this book.

March 2016

The last books in the A-Z series, W&X, Y and Z Things, have been released on Audible and iTunes. It has been a pleasure working with the series’ author R. Barri Flowers.

February 2016

The Viking’s Apprentice II – The Master’s Revenge, by Kevin McLeod has been released on Audible and iTunes, as has V Things, by R. Barri Flowers. It was fun to be back in the Viking’s Apprentice world, working with Kevin again. The cover art looks fantastic as usual!

January 2016

S, T and U Things by R. Barri Flowers are out this month, on Audible and iTunes. I’m learning a lot of words as R. Barri and I work our way through this series!!

December 2015

N, O, P, Q and R Things by R. Barri Flowers are out this month, on Audible and iTunes. Heading in to the second half of the alphabet on this series of childrens books.

November 2015

L and M Things, by R. Barri Flowers are out this month, on Audible and iTunes. Working with Northern Stage in their new theater last month was such a privilege, we have just booked tickets to their next show – Mary Poppins!

October 2015

A busy and exciting month! H, I, J and K Things by R. Barri Flowers are out, on Audible and iTunes.

Performing in Our Town with an incredible cast and crew in the brand new theater at Northern Stage, White River Junction. What an amazing experience and a great show.

September 2015

E, F and G Things, by R. Barri Flowers are released this month, on Audible and iTunes.

Busy most days rehearsing for Our Town at Northern Stage, working with the fabulous artistic director Carol Dunne.

August 2015

After the success of A Things, author R. Barri Flowers has asked me to narrate the rest of his series of A to Z books for children. B, C, and D Things are out this month – 22 left to go until we get to Z!

June 2015

A Ranger’s Tale: Tallenmere, Book One by Mysti Parker is out this month. I really enjoyed reading this fantasy romance, and hope it finds an audience on Audible and iTunes.

A Things, by R. Barri Flowers, also out. If it does well, I wonder if R. Barri will do the whole alphabet!

May 2015

This month I attended ACX University, hosted by in their New Jersey headquarters. It was great to meet so many colleagues and learn the latest best-practices in audio-book narrating and producing. Most exciting – I met Amber Benson, who played Tara in one of my all time favourite series, Buffy The Vampire Slayer!

My first steam punk book is out this month – Chasing the Green Fairy: The Airship Racing Chronicles (Volume 2) by Melanie Karsak.  A super fun read with lots of great characters and my favourite, Lily Stargazer.

April 2015

This month I produced two books for young children, ABC’s of Earth’s Creatures and A Kangaroo’s Pouch, both by R. Barri Flowers.

March 2015

The Viking’s Apprentice, by Kevin McLeod, is released this month, a great children’s fantasy book featuring goblins and other fantastical creatures – what could be better?!

I also performed in The Audition, a fun comedy skit as part of The Hunger Cabaret, at The Grange, Thetford VT. A great event that raised money for hunger relief agencies.

December 2014

The Vineyard, by Michael Hurley has been released – my first audiobook production! It is selling well and I’m very proud of my collaboration with Michael.

I’ve also produced and released my second audiobook – a novelette by Loretta Livingstone titled Where Angels Tread

I appeared on stage at The Revels, in Hanover New Hampshire. This is a huge annual production that for many local families signals the start of the Christmas season. Lots of fun to be a part of as always.

October 2014

I have bought my equipment and set up the studio – quite an investment but hopefully it will pay off! It has been fun learning how to use ProTools, but most fun of all narrating and producing my first commission, The Vineyard by Michael Hurley. It’s a very nicely written story about a group of women friends, set on Martha’s Vineyard. It is so evocative of the place it has made me desperate to visit.



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